School Council

At Forest & Sandridge School, we feel it is very important for children to have an awareness of their rights and their responsibilities as members of both the school and the wider community. In order to give pupils a voice within the school, regarding different aspects of school life, we run three different councils. For each one, two children from each year group are elected each year, by their peers, to become representatives.

Forest & Sandridge Councils

School Council — Responsible for general school matters, particularly relating to fundraising and general policy and procedure.

Eco Council — Responsible for ensuring that our school is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Prayer Council — Responsible for ensuring that our school vision, values, and Christian ethos retain their high profile in the school and encouraging everyone to live by our values daily.

Members of each council are expected to demonstrate the highest standard of behaviour and attitude in and out of school, in order to act as role models to other children. They also get the chance to meet with adults within the school to voice their opinions and ideas to keep the school moving forward in their areas of focus.