Family Learning

At Forest and Sandridge, we believe it is vital to ensure our parents have a good understanding of our curriculum. Every term, we invite parents into school for the morning. They will meet with one of our subject leads and then spend time in the classroom, learning alongside the children. Please take a look below at some of the Family Learning Mornings that have taken place recently and the feedback we have had from parents.

Art and DT Family Learning Morning

Mrs Tiddy and Miss Bridewell lead our learning morning explaining how we teach Art and DT at Forest and how our curriculum is sequenced from EYFs to Year 6.

Feedback from Parents:

Had a lovely morning ,it's good to find out what the children learn in art. Not sure about the drawing ha ha.

Lovely morning, really good to see what the children are learning.

Lovely to see the children's art from EYFS and upwards. Thank you for allowing us to come and participate in the children's lesson.

Very enjoyable and lovely to spend time in class with the children, see their interaction, get a glimpse of their school life. The National Gallery picture is a fantastic choice for so many aspects, looking forward to discussing it more at home. Classroom teaching revealed a range of activities, threw me back to my school days.

Thank you for giving us these mornings!

Really interesting as always. We really enjoying coming into the school & seeing what the kids are doing. Thank you.

It's lovely being able to be involved in the children's learning. I find it very insightful. I hope to come to many more as time goes on.

Very good.

Excellent morning. Great to see how the curriculum is working with children's individual imagination. Well presented and explained.

Maybe play music when they are in art.


Geography and History Family Learning Morning

Mrs Walker and Mrs Oliver lead our learning morning explaining how we teach History and Geography at Forest and how our curriculum is sequenced from EYFs to Year 6.

Feedback from Parents:


It's always lovely to come in and see the children's learning. Thank you.

Very good, fun and informative

A really lovely morning. Seeing Pear class very keen and excited to learn was lovely. It was great to see how the children learn together and all the questions they had with each other. I would definitely come to another one. Very interactive and a great experience.

Great informative morning

Thanks for a lovely morning , fab as always .please carry on with these sessions as they as they are really helpful . Nice prize for the winners would be lovely!

It was very insightful and enjoyable to come and see how the children learn. I will definitely be coming to more if I can and will recommend to others to come along to. What a wonderful way to include parents in the school process. Thank you, mum from reception

Both lessons work well, enjoyed it reception mum

Preferred the chairs to tables. I love being part of the lessons, and learning how the curriculum is broken down over the years, another great learning morning. Well done

Lovely to see the children learn and work with them.

Great to see what and how the children learn. Mrs Oliver and Mrs Walkers presentation was really informative and well put together. Lucky for me and the girls they are our class teachers this year. Thank you

Great morning, every time I enjoyed it. It helps me a lot to teach my kid Keep doing that many thanks

Really informative overview. Great to see what they are doing in the classroom & interact with the children. Lessons seem more fun than we remember! Many thanks.

I really enjoyed, keep it up

Really good and thorough presentation. Great to listen to the teachers discussions with the children in the classes. Really great quiz, lots of fun.

Would prefer the tables in the hall as more interaction with other parents but nice cup of tea!

It was wonderful to see the children learning whilst playing. Apple class did so well showing me around. Thank you for allowing us to take part I have learnt a lot this morning.

Absolutely excellent experience, very constructive presentation, I am sure that my child will gain a lot from . Very professional work.

Thank you for inviting us in this morning. It was so lovely to see Mrs Walker's class so enthusiastic about their topic.

Thank you, really informative. Really enjoyed the kahootz quiz, I love a good competition! Really lovely to see the children learn and how the curriculum is followed and applied within forest and Sandridge. Thank you to all for organising and teachers allowing us to be observe!

The intro From Mrs Walker and Mrs Oliver was very interesting and it was good to see how things are taught. I visited both Elm and Roman classes. It was good to see the children see so engrossed in their learning in Rowan. Mrs Bell was very engaging in her explanations and I felt like I learnt myself and was drawn into the lesson.

Lovely Insight into how the children are taught, thank you so much.

Writing Family Learning Morning

Mrs Duck led a morning all about Writing, Spelling and Handwriting at Forest and Sandridge.

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Feedback From Our Parents:

"Lovely to come in to hear about our children's learning and see it in action. Thank you."

"It was a great opportunity to see what my child will be learning this year."

"Really good session once again, helps to understand the methods used to teach and how we can help our children."

"It was nice to go in and see how the children were learning, the teacher explained the work really well and the handwriting I saw was lovely."

"Very informative great to see the children learning."

"It was lovely to see a class in action, Mrs Bell really engaged the children."

"Well organised and we learnt a lot about prepositional phrases with year four!"

"Great to know what the children are learning in school and help parents to put into practice at home."

"Well organised and great information for parents."

"Really enjoyed being involved in the lesson this morning."

"It was nice to understand the curriculum and then be able to see some of the lessons. Really enjoyed being in the class."

"Really good and useful session, clear and engaging."

"Enjoyed seeing my child learning in class! Learnt a lot re how writing is taught in school. Positive morning. Thank you."

"It was a very good morning, and it was lovely to see how the children are taught."

"It was a great session and really useful to learn about how to support our children. Seeing the class and spending some time doing the activity was also helpful."

"Really enjoyed the writing learning morning. Very informative and fun."

"Thanks for bringing us back to the school days with funny exercises. It was great and wishing to have more and more frequently."

"Great to see the range across the different years."

"Insightful and great to see the learning process."

Science Family Learning Morning.

Miss Gingell led the morning talking about our Science curriculum.

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Feedback From Our Parents:

"Nice to see children learning in class."

"Made fun and engaging, interesting insights, thanks!"

"Lovely to see a lesson in progress."

"Very good to see the practical lessons and interact with their learning."

"I had such a fun time building houses. Enjoyed seeing them in a learning environment."

"Really informative and useful. Lovely to spend time in the classroom. Thank you!"

"Great to see what each year group are covering regarding science. Children seem to be having a great time doing the experiments. Many Thanks!"

"Great to see the children doing practical experiments."

"Good lesson, enjoyed doing the experiment with my child. A great interactive morning. Liked the hands on aspect."

"Lovely morning, nice to see what my child is doing in class."

"Very informative, really enjoyable to be able to participate in experiments with the children."

"Really helpful to see in action what they do and explore. Teachers are heroes you all do a great job! Thank you."

"Great lesson, Oak class were lucky to have Mrs Oliver supporting them. Really interactive and engaging for the children. Lovely to be included on their learning journey."

Church School Distinctiveness and RE Family Learning Morning

Mr Mead, Mrs Baines and Mrs Prosser lead our learning morning focusing on the importance of our church school distinctiveness and RE learning.

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Feedback from our Parents:

"Very interesting and a really good insight to how RE it taught in schools."

"Very informative session, really appreciate the opportunity to learn more and see a lesson in the classroom. I feel very lucky our children attend this school, thank you."

"Another good session which has helped us understand the values being taught."

"Another great session. It was really informative and useful to understand how the values and vision of the school links to learning."

"Again, the time in the classroom was the most useful part of the morning."

"Was really interesting."

"Lots of good learning happening in the classes, most of the students are engaged in the learning and it was a good environment for them to learn about RE in there."

"Enjoyed being in the class room with Darcey. The children were really enjoying the lesson and their knowledge was great."

"Lovely morning seeing the children do RE and seeing how it is taught in the classrooms."

"Enjoyed being in the classroom with my child."

"Fab RE morning, lovely to interact with the children in class."

"Thank you for a lovely morning. Loved seeing the children in their class learning and sharing their ideas."

"Lovely interactive session."

"Thank you for a lovely morning. Loved seeing the children in their class learning and sharing their ideas."

"Interesting, great morning."

"Great to see learning in the classroom."

"Very informative morning. It was lovely to see how RE is taught within the school, but also how Christianity is such a core focus within the whole school. Children are given the opportunity to explore and ask big questions. It was a pleasure to watch the children learn."