School Trips

Forest & Sandridge School arranges a variety of school trips for pupils throughout the year. Each trip is designed to help your child learn in a different environment while having fun and developing their social skills.

Enriching Experiences

Spending time away from their desk on a school trip is a fantastic way for your child to experience a variety of exciting new situations. What’s more, they’ll be able to apply their learning in real-world contexts and develop skills — both social and academic — in a fun, safe environment.

Your child will have the chance to see new things and learn about them in an active, holistic way. Our school trips are structured to bring learning to life and give your child a sense of agency over what, and how, they learn. Your child will absorb information and pick up on details that could only be presented in a textual or abstract way in the classroom.

Children in years 4 and 6 are all given the opportunity to take part in residential visits. Residential visits are of great benefit to all the children in many different ways, and our children always thoroughly enjoy them. Under the 1988 Education Act, we are permitted to charge for board and lodgings on residential visits.

Funding Trips

For all visits, we will seek voluntary contributions to cover the cost of transport and any entrance fees required. Without sufficient parental contributions, we may be unable to run trips.

Looking for a School Trip Form?

To find forms related to a specific school trip, please visit the letters and forms section of our website.

Questions about School Trips?

If you’d like to know more about the school trips we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.