In order to achieve our whole school intent, we have identified 3 Golden Threads that weave through our curriculum and underpin everything we do. This means that in delivering our curriculum we are embedding our school's Christian Values, developing knowledge and skills progressively over time with an ambitious and aspiring curriculum whilst immersing our children in language-rich teaching.

At Forest and Sandridge School, we aim to prepare our children for their future with a "hands-on", inquiry-based science curriculum that enables them to confidently explore and discover the world around them. We will motivate and actively engage our children, to nurture and grow their curiosity. Carefully sequenced core scientific knowledge and skills are taught through direct teaching, experimentation and exploration. Our intent is for all our children to be lifelong learners who are inquisitive, independent thinkers, confident to ask 'Big Questions' and who are well-prepared for their future in the ever-changing world. Our primary aim is to foster curiosity, challenge, imagination, excitement, confidence, self-motivation and enjoyment in the pursuit of Science.

Through high-quality teaching, we are continually developing:

· The acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills within science.

· Children's ability to explain their own thinking to others and articulate their understanding in a range of different situations.

· The use of scientific contexts to develop and consolidate cross-curricular links.

· Inquisitive minds and positive attitudes towards science.

· Extensive scientific vocabulary and the ability to articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely

· Respect for the environment and care for living things.

· An understanding of the different aspects of scientific enquiry.

· The ability to work scientifically by predicting, questioning, observing, planning, measuring, carrying out and evaluating investigations

· Opportunities for children to question the world around them and become independent learners when exploring possible answers to their own scientific-based questions.

· Children's ability to 'talk like a scientist' through the language of prediction.

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