Collective Worship

Collective worship is a central, special part of the school day for both children and staff. It is an opportunity for us to gather together to worship God (if we choose), to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore our own beliefs. Collective worship provides daily spiritual development through invitational prayer, stillness, reflection and opportunities for deep thinking. 

The children take active role in collective worship through leading part of or whole worships, leading in prayer and reflection, through singing and through opening and closing worships. Our worship has a distinctively Christian theme and we explore 6 of these throughout the year which include our four core Christian values of Respect, Courage Humility and Compassion. 

We develop a theme across the term with the children. We select themes based on the needs of our school and members of our community.














Respect & Reverence





During celebration worship we ensure the achievements of the children are celebrated. There are a number of ways that we recognise our children through successful learning, WOW awards, Values Stars, Writing-Whizz, Remarkable Readers and Maths-Magician awards.

In addition to our daily acts of worship, we take part in Lent and Advent reflections. These reflections happen weekly during these special times of the year. The children lead the worship in calm and stillness. We all reflect on a theme and consider ways we can make changes to our lives learning from the word of God and the teachings of Jesus.

At Christmas, our children and staff take time to learn and reflect on ‘The Stations of the Nativity’ while at Easter the Upper School children lead us through ‘The Stations of the Cross’ considering the importance of each station to our lives today.

To mark the special times in the Christian calendar, the children take part in celebration services through carols by candlelight, Christingle Service at St Michael’s Church (Year 3 and 4), the Easter celebration service, Lent Service at St Michael’s Church (Year 1 and 2)  and the leaver’s service (Year 6 and Reception). The children take an active part in the services and the local church lead supports in these celebrations. 

Please see our Collective Worship Policy for further details.


During each week, our children engage in a daily act of worship.

Monday Whole school worship
Tuesday Whole school worship led by classes or visitors
Wednesday Singing Worship
Thursday In Class Worship
Friday Whole school celebration worship