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World Book Day: A Story of Success

13 March 2019
World Book Day: A Story of Success

Last Thursday, our teachers and pupils had a great time celebrating World Book Day. A lot of fun and exciting activities took place, with pupils being encouraged to explore the thrill and emotion that reading inspires.

The use of books has long been a crucial part of education. However, with the internet becoming an increasingly common learning resource, books are being marginalised. At Forest & Sandridge CE Primary School, we still recognise the importance of books in helping children to learn, develop, and express their creativity, and World Book Day was a great opportunity for us to help our pupils understand what reading has to offer.

This year’s World Book Day was packed full of activities. We started the day with our ‘Big Booky Breakfast’, which involved children coming into school early to have breakfast with their friends and share and read their favourite stories. Parents were also invited in for breakfast, which made it a really successful family event that was enjoyed by all.

Children were also encouraged to bring in an old book and 50p. They would pay their 50p to swap their old book with another child’s as part of the ‘Big Booky Book Swap’. The children loved this and are currently enjoying their new books. Through the two ‘Big Booky’ events, we managed to raise a fantastic £192!

Throughout the day, the children were dressed as their favourite book character, and we held a World Book Day assembly to celebrate each other’s costumes. The children also participated in the Share a Story campaign. The campaign involved each class being given a selection of opening sentences to choose from before then writing a short story that began with the sentence. In the afternoon, classes paired up and shared the stories they had written, while our school reading dog, Jess, came into school to listen to the children read.

Hannah Campbell, Year 3 Teacher and Reading Lead, said: “World Book Day 2019 was a very successful day at Forest & Sandridge and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and grown ups that took part. There was a great variety of activities going on and it was lovely to see the smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the day. Through the huge variety of costumes, it was clear to see a love of reading throughout the building, and the children loved having the opportunity to share and celebrate with all their peers throughout the day.”

Although our pupils and teachers had a lot of fun last Thursday, all of our activities had an underlying message — reading is important. Helping pupils become lifelong learners is a key value of The White Horse Federation and its schools, and we want our World Book Day celebrations to have ignited a lifelong passion for reading within our pupils.

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