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School Uniform

At Forest & Sandridge, we are proud of our school and we are proud to represent it. By wearing school uniform, the children gain a strong sense of identity and can share in this pride. We expect all children to adhere closely to our uniform policy and will follow up with parents when children are not wearing uniform. Thank you for your co-operation. Our uniform colour is bottle green.

The expected school uniform consists of:

  • Grey or black skirt, pinafore dress, tailored shorts, or trousers (no leggings, jeans, or ‘school jeans’).
  • White polo shirt, blouse, or collared shirt (with or without the school logo).
  • Green and white checked or striped cotton dress (optional for summer).
  • Green sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo.
  • Green, black, grey, or white tights OR white, grey, or black socks (socks or tights must be worn).
  • Plain black school shoes (No open-toed shoes or sandals, trainers, or canvas shoes).
  • Hair accessories should be in keeping with school uniform: green, black, or white (novelty alice-bands are not allowed).
  • Children should not wear jewellery to school other than a cheap watch. if they wish, and stud earrings. Outlandish hairstyles, coloured hair, and makeup are not allowed in school.

PE Kit

The expected sports kit consists of:

  • Black sports shorts.
  • House-coloured t-shirt with or without the school logo (a plain white t-shirt can be worn instead).
  • Black indoor PE daps.
  • Tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt (for outdoor PE in colder weather).
  • Outside trainers.

Every item of the sports kit should be in school at all times in a named PE bag. PE kit will be returned at the end of each term for washing.


  • All children should have a pair of wellington boots in school at all times. Wellies should be clearly named and will be safely stored on class welly racks. Children will bring their wellies home at the end of each term with their PE kits.
  • Wellies will ensure that children have maximum opportunity to play on our school field in most weathers and will also ensure that we keep the inside of school as clean and tidy as possible.


  • Children may bring slippers into school in a drawstring or other reusable, named bag. They may wear slippers in and around school, instead of their shoes, if they wish. Their slippers will hang on their peg and their shoes will be put into the bag when they have their slippers on.

Information for Parents

Buying Uniform

All our named uniform can be purchased at Sports Bug, Melksham High Street, or on their website. You can contact them on 01225 791317. School hats, book bags, PE bags, coats, and fleeces are also available from Sports Bug. Alternatively, one of our parents runs a second-hand uniform shop via Facebook. Please ask in the office for further information.

Parents can also purchase good condition second hand uniform from our PTA-led Uniform shop: .

For name labels, if you would like to use the following link to and use the Code 7440, Our PTA, Forest Friends will receive 30% commission:

Lost Property

Please ensure that all uniform is clearly named. Any lost clothing or property will be kept in a lost property box in the school office. Please ask in the office if you would like to look for a lost item. Items which are not collected for a long period of time will be sold or given to charity.


School Uniforms

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