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Please find below details and resources to help you structure the day for your child(ren) and support their home learning over the coming weeks.

We hope it provides you with a clear approach on what we can and cannot provide during this exceptional time, and we fully appreciate how challenging this is going to be for all families. We are all in this together and we must be realistic. Family comes first for everyone, including staff.

Remote Learning Information

Remote Learning at Forest & Sandridge CE Primary School

At Forest & Sandridge CE Primary School our approach to remote learning ensures that all children unable to attend school remain fully included within the school community and continue to receive the best education the school can provide. Please read below for further information on our approach to home learning.

Access to Remote Education

At Forest & Sandridge remote education will include live teaching via Microsoft Teams as well as some independent work and tasks for the children to carry out. The children in EYFS and KS1 will have access to 3 hours of remote education and KS2 will have access to 4 hours of remote education. Teachers will communicate with parents using our usual school platforms including Class Dojo and Purple Mash. Timetables, resources and children's completed learning will be shared on Class Dojo and Microsoft Teams.
When a child is unable to attend school they will be given a Microsoft Teams link to join lessons remotely within a day of reporting their absence from school. If there is a delay in receiving the Teams link then work will be sent to the parents via Class Dojo for the child to complete. It is expected that by the second day of absence the child will be able to join lessons remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The Curriculum

Wherever possible the children will be taught the same curriculum that we would be following in school and we will continue with new learning to ensure all children continue to make progress in their learning. There will be times that some subjects or aspects of the curriculum need to be adapted, for example in Art children may not always have access to the learning materials and resources needed or that would be available in school.
The children at Forest & Sandridge will receive live teaching sessions using Microsoft Teams. The children at home and at school will be taught by their class teacher via this platform. Parents will be sent a daily timetable as well as resources they will need for the period of time the remote education will be taking place. Children will receive ongoing feedback and support from school staff whilst lessons take place on Microsoft Teams. The teacher is available during independent activities to provide additional support and challenge where appropriate. Any work that is set by the teacher will be submitted via a child's portfolio on Class Dojo or on Purple Mash.
Here is an example of a remote learning timetable if a whole class is having to learn from home:

Engagement and Feedback

All children are expected to attend live learning on a daily basis via Microsoft Teams. If for any reason a child cannot attend a live session there is an expectation that the child will watch the live learning later in the day and complete the tasks from that session.
Throughout live learning, staff will give children immediate verbal feedback, engage in activities that allow children to receive feedback and take part in small group work in breakout rooms. Children will receive daily feedback from their teacher when submitting work on Class Dojo. Any work submitted will be seen and commented on by the teacher on a daily basis. These various forms of feedback will support the teacher's ongoing assessment of the children.
We know that many of our families maybe experiencing challenging circumstances during any period of isolation or school closure. We work closely with our families to ensure that we can support them and enable the children to access learning on a daily basis.
If a child does not engage in remote education, staff will contact the family via Class Dojo in the first instance. If a child continues to not engage in remote education, a member of the Senior Leadership Team will contact the parents to discuss how the school can support them in accessing the learning. On some occasions, it will be necessary to visit a child's home to support them to access online learning.
Keeping a daily routine, maintaining some form of exercise, and spending time outdoors all have positive benefits on a child's mental health and well-being. We would encourage all our families to follow the daily timetable and also maintain normal school routines, where appropriate, in the home. Parents can access our Home-School support (further details can be found on our website) if they need to access support and advice in establishing these routines.


We recognise that some children and families may not have suitable online access at home. We work closely with families to ensure the children have a device that will enable them to take part in remote education.
Children who do not have access to a suitable device or internet access for remote learning will be provided with equipment from the school. A 'Device Loan Agreement' will accompany any loaned device and must be signed by parents and the school before the device is released from the school. Mr Mead, our Interim Deputy Headteacher, oversees the loaning of equipment to our families where needed. Devices have been set up with the key features and restrictions to ensure the children remain safe at all times. In addition to devices we do have a limited number of data SIM cards that we have available to children and families who need them.
If there are any difficulties in accessing online learning, our live learning sessions and resources can be accessed on Class Dojo and Microsoft Teams. As a school will work to resolve any difficulties as soon as possible so the children are able to successfully access remote learning during any period of school closure.

Additional support for children with particular needs

We recognise that some children, for example some children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those children in the following ways:

Our class teachers and TAs keep in regular communication with parents to support and encourage the children to access online learning. We are using breakout rooms on Microsoft Teams so that children can work with a TA online in a smaller group and with a differentiated task or outcome. Some children may access short snippets of learning online, or watch a recording of a lesson and then work offline with parents.
Class Teachers, TAs, SLT and SENCO 'check in' with families regularly to discuss wellbeing as well as academic learning. This means that we can take a creative and holistic approach in our support for children with a range of SEND needs. For some children that require emotional wellbeing support an ELSA TA or our school counsellor is working with them weekly. We look at each child and family individually and aim to support them the best we can.

Self-Isolating children

If a child is required to self-isolate when school is open to all children, the class teacher will make contact with the child's parents within the first day of reported absence from school. The teacher will outline learning for the days of isolation via Class Dojo. Parents will receive a timetable for their child's learning and a link to join Microsoft Teams. The learning the children take part in will be live and the children will be involved in the lesson taking place in the classroom in school. Any child self-isolating at home will have activities to complete alongside the live learning sessions and these will be sent to parents via Class Dojo as well as being available in the files on Microsoft Teams. The child self-isolating can access support from the teacher and TA throughout the session.
Immediate feedback from the class teacher will be given in the live sessions and the child will also receive feedback on completed learning sent to their teacher via Class Dojo or Purple Mash.

For support with Purple Mash please click here to watch a Parent webinar or download the Purple Mash Guidance document on the right-hand side of this page.

If your child has lost their login, please email [email protected] with details of your child’s full name, school, year group and class.

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