Prayer Council

Prayer Council are a group of children, two children from every year group, who meet weekly. Prayer Council have the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating worship at their meetings as well as thinking of new and exciting ideas for our worship and for opportunities for prayer in school. The children focus on the spiritual development of everyone within our school. They have helped to create a whole school prayer area as well as leading prayer in worship. Every year, they work to create a worship that focuses on the theme of the term to share with all the children.

Some of the comments from our Prayer Councillors are:

‘In worship, we learnt to think about our choice of words and how we should say sorry. We need to change our actions when we say sorry.’

‘We should always make new friends to make them happy and always be compassionate to everyone.’

Here is an example of a prayer written by a child at Prayer Council on our value of respect:

Dear Lord,

Please help us to be respectful of our environment and to help us remember you created our wonderful world. Help us to be respectful of all the amazing things we have and each other. We can learn from Noah in the Bible and with your love.