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Welcome to Sycamore Class!


Hello and welcome to Sycamore class.


We are a Year 3/4 class and our teacher is Miss Bullard. We are lucky to have five Teaching Assistants in our phase who are Mrs Andrews, Mrs Rivers, Mrs Morris, Mrs Dequidt and Miss Usher. 



Our theme this term is:


Term 5 and 6 Topic

Image result for eurekaFor Term 5 and 6 our new topic is called Eureka!

We will be looking at different Victorian inventors and how their inventions have changed the course of history. The different inventors we will be looking at are: Marie Curie (the person who discovered radium), George Stephenson (the inventor of the stem engine), Thomas Edison (the inventor or the lightbulb) Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the inventor of the steamship) and Alexander Bell (the inventor of the telephone.)


We are also going to be reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl in class. This is a really exciting book and the children are already really looking forward to it. If you have a copy of this book please bring it in (named!) so that we can all share the book as we are reading :)

Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory bookImage result for marie curieImage result for george stephensonImage result for thomas edisonImage result for brunel



Class Awards


Star Values Award Well done Jago

Wow Award Well done Sophie

Writing-Whizz Well done Caitlin 

Math-magician Well done Mable 




Reading will be set as homework and sometimes you might get extra learning tasks too.

Spellings will be set every Friday and will be tested a week on Wednesday (this will give you a week and a half to learn your spellings).

Remember to check the class website for ideas and activities linked to our class topic.




Home Learning

This week we have been looking at addition in maths. The following website has lots of different games to do with addition and problem solving . Scroll down to find one you would like to play.smiley