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Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education

At Forest and Sandridge C.E. Primary School we aim to promote physical development however we also value the importance of developing the whole child; their personal, social and creative skills are taught throughout our  Physical Education (P.E) curriculum.

PE can challenge and promote self-esteem (through the development of physical confidence and problem solving), teach children to cope with both success and failure in competitive, individual and team based, physical activities and, within dance, allow children to explore their personal identity. 

We believe that pupils should learn the value of healthy exercise, learn about themselves, their capabilities and their potential through an active P.E. curriculum. We provide opportunities for pupils to be imaginative, competitive and face up to different challenges as individuals, groups and teams.

Our ideal is that pupils should reach their full potential as learners, as well as performers, encouraging them to work with and respect others. We believe every child has an entitlement to P.E. and therefore we cater for a range of different abilities and needs by providing opportunities for every child to be challenged and experience success. We provide opportunities for children who are gifted and talented or who have individual needs. 

We ensure a breadth and balance in the P.E. curriculum provided through a variety of activities. These include invasion games (e.g. football, basketball, netball) gymnastics, dance, athletics, striking and fielding games (e.g. rounders and cricket) and net games (e.g. tennis)  We also do outdoor and adventurous activities as part of our Outdoor Learning curriculum. 
We see the value in developing children’s personal and social qualities (self-esteem, self-confidence, empathy and positive attitudes) as well as their physical skills through P.E. Children learn to co-operate and share ideas, work as part of a group and help others. We also focus on basic fundamental movements such as balance, ball skills and agility.
Throughout their time at school the children will develop knowledge of safety factors and an appreciation of the principals of safe practice and understand the contribution and benefits of taking part in physical activities to health and fitness.

P.E. at Forest and Sandridge is taught by a combination of class teachers, P.E. specialists and qualified sports coaches. Our year 3 children have the opportunity to go to Melksham Blue Pool for weekly swimming lessons in the spring and summer terms.  Year 5 attend 5 sessions a year at the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics enhancing their gymnastic skills with their coaches. Year 4 and some year 5 children will be taking part in Skills Force,  Duke of Cambridge Award scheme to promote listening, co-operative and communicative skills through engagement in active outdoor challenges. Children in EYFS will be involved in "Balanceability"  sessions designed to give them cycling confidence and help develop gross motor skill. We have arranged for Bath Rugby to deliver maths/rugby coaching during the up coming year.

Various after school clubs are run by staff, coaches and volunteers throughout the year. These may include: football, and multi-skills, dance, rounders, cricket, netball, cross-country, tag-rugby and many more. We are also lucky to have sports coaches daily to enhance activities during lunchtimes. We are looking at developing sports ambassadors as part of the children's involvement in promoting good sporting participation.
As a school we are very proud to be able to participate in sporting events and team game competitions, both within school and further afield. The pleasure, skills and team-spirit gained by pupils is wonderful to see. We enter many tournaments and festivals throughout the year at various sports grounds and schools throughout Wiltshire.  These include: dance, football
, tag rugby, netball, swimming galas, cross-country events, Quad Kids (athletics).
Sports Day is an annual event that takes place in the Summer Term. Parents and Carers are invited and encouraged to cheer while watching the children during a rotation of competitive activities and field races. Children are grouped according to their colour house and compete within a small group. Foundation Stage and KS1 children are supported by TAs and Year 6 helpers. In Key Stage Two children participate in a range of races including: running, football, obstacle and relay races.  The Sports Day cup is awarded to the winning colour house. Parents and Carers are also invited to stay and join their child for a picnic lunch on the field. In the afternoon we then complete a mile run or walk for a charity. It is always a very special day of the year!