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A few pictures from today. 21.6.17.

A few pictures from today. 21.6.17. 1
A few pictures from today. 21.6.17. 2
A few pictures from today. 21.6.17. 3

Oak Class



Hello everyone; apologies that we appear to be having technical difficulties, but I will do regular updates here to let you know how the children are. smiley


We arrived safely yesterday with an uneventful journey (no children were sick which is always a bonus!) and had a lovely time at St Fagans.  The children settled in very quickly and are happy with their rooms.  After a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and cake with ice cream we went down to Glen Beach where the children had a lovely time playing in the rock pools and in the sand. 


Although it was a very warm night, all the children slept very well and have woken up 'full of beans', are all feeling very full after a lovely breakfast and ready for our day out to Tenby, the Merchant's House, lunch on the beach and then on to Pembroke Castle. 


Tuesday 20th June 2017

Wow - another incredibly hot day, but great fun.  We started off the day with a visit to the Tudor Merchant's House in Tenby and a little potter around the shops where a lot of sweets were purchased!  We found a lovely shady little spot for lunch before going on to Pembroke Castle where we had two lovely guides who told us lots of interesting facts about the castle.  The children are now resting in their rooms for a short period of time before dinner and another visit to the beach, this time on the main beach in Saundersfoot where I am pretty sure there will be lots of sandcastles being built and lots of sand being brought back to the hotel!  Busy, busy, busy! smiley


Well that was good fun!  The children had a great time on the beach, playing in the sand and the water (lots of very wet wellies coming home!), building sandcastles, mermaids and even sharks heads (lots of practice for the big sandcastle competition tomorrow I think!).  They were also searching for baby jellyfish, crabs, clams and the odd dead fish.  More cake and milk and now they are all settled down for a 'long summer's nap' (hopefully!); all exhausted but happy!  Night, night everyone!


Wednesday 21st June 2017

Oh my, a very sticky night, but all the children managed to sleep well.  They have all had another lovely breakfast and are now preparing for room inspections (haha, they will be perfect at keeping their rooms tidy by the time we get back!) and getting ready for a lovely day out with a boat ride to Caldey Island, a walk around the headland and a visit to the monk's chocolate and fudge factory; you just know that is going to be a highlight!  We will then come back and spend some time on the beach at Tenby before coming back to Saundersfoot. 


We are so proud of our Year 6 children; everywhere we have gone this week we have had constant compliments about their behaviour and their manners, particularly on Caldey Island today.  They were impeccably behaved when they went in to listen to the Monk's Sext service at lunchtime and I saw several children joining in silently with the Lord's Prayer, even using our hand signs that we use at school to help us remember it.  smiley  The journey over on the boat was exciting as we even got to go on the 'duck' to get off the boat; great little additional adventure.  All the children appreciated the calm ad tranquillity of the island and were very respectful throughout the day.  We had a lovely walk up to the lighthouse and around to the chocolate/fudge factory, were (surprise, surprise!) the children bought lots of chocolate and fudge.  We are now waiting for our dinner (which I think is a roast tonight) before the exciting sandcastle building competition; definitely looking forward to seeing what ideas they come up this space!


It was a roast dinner and apple pie and there were lots and lots of clean plates; delicious!  Very excited children walked down the hill to the main Saundersfoot beach to take part in the grand annual Saundersfoot Sandcastle completion.  There were many entries and not just sandcastles; they ranged from replicas of Pembroke Castle, several mermaids, turtles, fish, and the very creative 'Trump Wall' depicting several different America monuments on one side and Mexican pyramids on the other with a wall in-between!  'Let's work on Mexico' was not something I was expecting to hear during the competition.  The overall winner was chosen by John, (our very obliging Coach driver) and he declared Issy and Isobel the winners with their sand sculpture of a shark's head and a lizard.  Well done to them. no


The children are all now tucked up in bed and almost all of them are already asleep; they are exhausted and it is a bit cooler tonight so hopefully they should sleep well.  A really lovely day and another one to look forward to tomorrow at Folly Farm. 


My absolute favourite quote of the day was from one of the boys when we were on the boat going over to Caldey Island.  He was enjoying the journey and looking at the sun on the water and turned to me and said 'We should be writing poetry about this...'  My work is done!  surprise


Thursday 22nd September 2017

Good morning everyone; a much better night's sleep was had last night by all as it was so much cooler.  Everyone is very excited about going to Folly Farm and just enjoying another lovely breakfast before we head off.  We actually need waterproofs today, just in case; you have to love the English weather!


Hello everyone, so sorry about the late addition to this little blog; I am afraid I have had technical has been quite a week for these!  Anyway, a lovely day at Folly Farm: playing on the pirate adventure park; seeing all the animals including lions, rhinos, penguins, giraffes, to name a few; lovely lunch; on the ferris wheel and whizzing around the track on the go-karts; spinning around on all the fairground rides; buying gifts and sweets in the shop, and the children had lots of fun too! surprise  We arrived back just after 5pm and the children started to pack their cases before dinner (lasagne this evening, yum), before we went down to the beach to have our quiz.  The children are now in bed and settled for their last sleep in Claremont House before we travel back in the morning to Melksham.  I asked one of the children earlier on how they felt about going home tomorrow and they said they felt happy and sad at the same time; happy to be going home to see their family, sad to be going because they have had a great week and would like to stay for another week.  I think those sentiments are held by us all.  


Look out for a final update in the morning.  Just to confirm, we are no longer tweeting about Saundersfoot on Twitter and all updates will be available on here.  smiley 



Welcome to our class page!  Our teacher is Mrs Willis and we are very lucky to have three lovely  Teaching Assistants: Mrs Birkett, Mrs Leat and Mr Merriman :-)   We are really looking forward toour final term filled with fun and lots of amazing learning.  smiley



Image result for Best of British



Our final theme of this year is 'Best of British' where we will be looking at several different aspects of Great Britain.  We will be starting off the term with History looking at World War 2 and the impact that it had on our country.  This will also be used for our celebration party after SATs when the children will be having an end of the war style street party.   In Geography, we will be comparing Wiltshire to Pembrokeshire (where we will of course be spending our residential week in June; very exciting!).   In Science we will be studying the reproduction of a variety of British plants.


Through our new topic, we will be gaining an understanding of how World War 2 impacted on our country. 

Important dates for Oak Class (and Upper School) - Years 5/6  laugh

Back to school - Monday 5th June 2017

Monday 5th May 2017 - Clubs start for this term

Upper School Swimming Intervention dates - 6th June, 13th June, 11th July,

Friday 16th June - Maths Family Learning Day

Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June - Year 6 Saundersfoot Residential

Thursday 22nd June - Year 5 trip to Swindon Steam Museum

Monday 26th June - Sports Day

Tuesday 27th June - Reserve Sports Day

Friday 30th June - Reports to parents

Tuesday 4th July - Year 6 to MOCs

Wednesday 5th July - Year 5 to MOCs

Friday 14th July (13:45pm and 18:30) - Year 6 Leaver's Musical - 'Goodbye My Friend'

Wednesday 19th July - Year 6 Leaver's Service at St Andrew's Church

Wednesday 19th July (18:00 - 19:30) - Year 6 Leaver's Party in F&S School Hall

Thursday 20th July - Last day of term for children


Reminders  smiley
For Years 5 and 6 , Home Learning will be sent out on a Friday and will need to be returned by the following Friday.   Home Learning will include weekly spellings and reading to be carried out, at least four times a week.  In addition to this, we have a weekly spelling challenge in Upper School, where the children are challenged to learn an additional five words taken from the Year 5/6 Spelling List.  These are all tricky words and, so far, the children are doing a great job in challenging themselves.  If they get 5 out of 5, on 3 separate occasions, the children will get a dip in my goody bag!


Homework Challenge - Friday 9th June 2017


Additional Home Learning


Why not have a go at trying to improve your times tables?  Have a look at the following websites and games:


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