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Hello and welcome to Maple Class!
We are a year 5/6 class and our teacher is Mrs Neate.
In Maple Class, we are lucky enough to have four TAs working alongside us, these are; Mrs Leat, Mrs Birkett, Mr Merriman and Mrs Holdway.

We are all really looking forward to the another exciting year ahead in our fantastic school :)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Neate


Our topic for Terms 1 and 2 is:


Greece Is The Word!




A new year finds us with a new theme, and this term our theme is ‘Greece is the Word'. This will remain for Terms 1 and 2. It is a History based theme on the Ancient Greeks.


Through our new topic, we will be gaining an understanding of many aspects of the Ancient Greeks. We will start by locating Greece and discussing its position in the world. After this, we will look at famous ancient battles, examine the Greek alphabet, enjoy Greek poetry and make our own Greek vases.


In addition to our history, we will be looking at The Creation and The Fall in RE, Electricity and Light in Science and netball  and football  in PE.


Term 1 & 2 Class Awards!

Friday 17th November


Successful Learning (Having a go) - Ben

Peace Award - Olivia O.

Values Star - Kimmi


Term 2

Remarkable Reader -

Writing Whizz - Hallie

Maths Magician -

WOW Award - Josh


Term 1

Remarkable Reader - Danielle

Writing Whizz - Jack C.

Maths Magician - Blaise

WOW Award - Tiayarne


A few reminders:



For Years 5 and 6 , Home Learning will be put on class pages on a Friday and spellings will need to be learned by the following Friday. Home Learning will include weekly spellings, reading and a termly project challenge.


Remember reading remains very important for everyone; please read 5 times a week (as agreed in the Home School Agreement) and ask your parents to initial your Contact Book to show you have read. We always love to see how much you have read. J


Homework Challenge - Autumn Term 2


Make an information poster or PowerPoint that tells me about an aspect of modern day Greek life.  What would it be like to visit?  What would you do there?  What would you need to pack?   Would you want to live there?  Why?    :-)   Up to 5 House Points are available when you bring in your work.  I look forward to seeing what you find out. :-) Up to 5 house points are available when you bring in your work.





Practise your maths skills this week by playing maths games from, or We have been focussing on division this weeksso try practising division games if you can.



Additional Home Learning:


If you would like to do some additional learning at home, there are some great websites for research and revision. Hit the Button is a great way to practise your tables and BBC KS2 Bitesize has lots of opportunities to practise a wide variety of English, Maths and Science topics. Or perhaps you could make a PowerPoint or poster about something you have learnt. I would love to see it!



Open up your spellings groups' spellings below for this week's spellings.


Word Wonder Wall

In addition to this, (in class) we have a weekly spelling challenge in Upper School, where the children are challenged to learn an additional five words taken from the Year 5/6 Spelling List which will be on our Word Wonder Wall. These are all tricky words.


Week commencing 20.11.17.


Our five words to learn this week are:


according  bargain  conscience  immediate  occur




Important Dates:


Maple Class Worship - 21st November 2017