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The Forest and Sandridge School Eco Warrior Committee was set up  in  January 2009 and is still going strong.  We have a team of  18 Eco Warriors, 2 members from each class plus a Secretary (who takes all the minutes from our meetings) and a Chairperson from Oak Class.
Our ongoing aim is to make our school more eco-friendly by encouraging recycling, saving energy, saving water. composting our waste, etc.  We are also encouraging more wildlife to our school grounds and have added lots of wildlife items to our school like bird tables, bird houses, hedgehog houses, etc.

In May 2009. we were lucky enough to be awarded the Bronze Eco Award for schools which we were very proud of and in June 2010, we were awarded the Silver Eco Award which was fantastic!  We are hoping that during 2014/15, we will be able to go for our Gold Award (now called the Green Flag). 

Our current Eco Warriors are:


Chairman -

Secretary -

Cedar Class -

Oak Class -
Poplar Class
Chestnut Class -
Sycamore Class -

Ash Class -

Holly Class -

Willow Class -
Apple Class - 
Cherry Class -

Lots to do this year, let's get going Eco Warriors!