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All About E-Safety at Forest and Sandridge

At Forest and Sandridge, we recognise that using the internet is becoming as commonplace as using the telephone or TV and its effective use is an essential life-skill for all our children.  However, unmediated internet access brings with it the possibility of placing our pupils in potentially embarrassing, inappropriate and even dangerous situations. 
We believe in ensuring our children are able to use the internet to its best advantage and to know and recognise the situations where they may potentially put themselves in a difficult situation. 
Pupils at Forest and Sandridge are given regular reminders of how to keep safe while they are using the internet and what to do if anything makes them feel uncomfortable or concerned. 

You can see our full Internet and Acceptable Use Policy at the link below. 

Going for it!

We are pleased to announce that we were awarded Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the 360 degree e-safety mark. 



We have completed all the work required for the E-safety mark and are continuing to monitor the work to ensure we keep up to date.