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Welcome to Birch!

Who is in Birch?

 Birch teachers are Mrs Tiddy and Mrs Lewis. Mrs Tiddy will be teaching on Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Lewis will be teaching on Thursday and Friday. Birch teaching assistants are Mrs Andrews, Miss Usher and Mrs Rivers.

Middle school will be swimming every Tuesday in Term 3,4 and 5 beginning Tuesday 17th 2017.

Please remember swimming kit, long hair should be tied back and hats worn,  and googles if you would like.

In Term 4 PE will be on Wednesday. Please can (indoor and outdoor) PE kit be in school at all times.

Thank you.




Term 5 and 6 Topic

Image result for eurekaFor Term 5 and 6 our new topic is called Eureka!

We will be looking at different Victorian inventors and how their inventions have changed the course of history. The different inventors we will be looking at are: Marie Curie (the person who discovered radium), George Stephenson (the inventor of the stem engine), Thomas Edison (the inventor or the lightbulb) Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the inventor of the steamship) and Alexander Bell (the inventor of the telephone.)


We are also going to be reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl in class. This is a really exciting book and the children are already really looking forward to it. If you have a copy of this book please bring it in (named!) so that we can all share the book as we are reading :)

Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory bookImage result for marie curieImage result for george stephensonImage result for thomas edisonImage result for brunel



Home learning

Daily reading will be set as homework.

Please remind your parents to sign contact book so that you can move up the Reading Rocket!

Spellings will be set on a Friday and you  will be  tested the next Friday .

A Home Learning task will be set on a Friday. The next Friday an optional task will be set on Class Pages.



This week we have been looking at addition in maths. The following website has lots of different games to do with addition and problem solving . Scroll down to find one you would like to play.smiley

Latest News

Friday 23rd September - International Day of Languages

On Friday 23rd September we celebrated International Day of Languages. Birch class was representing Germany. We came to school wearing the colours of the German Flag and spent the day immersing ourselves in the language and culture of this fascinating country. We learnt about the differences between German and English school days, tasted a German breakfast and made a placemat using the German words we have learnt, we made a schultute and set up shops using Euros where we had to use our recently practised adding and subtracting skills. A wonderful day of learning was had by all!

What we are learning

Birch Superstars!

Our Values star this week is Harvey

Our Mathsmagician of the month is Bertie

Our Writing Whizz is Lucas

Our WOW award goes to

Useful dates

Thursday 2nd March - World Book day

Thursday 2nd March - Bedtime stories

Tuesday 16th May - Birch Class Assembly